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Helical Pile Applications

A helical pile is an end-bearing deep foundation system with compression and tension applications. Applying torque to the shaft installs the helical pile with no vibration, no spoils and minimal disturbance.  Loads are transferred down the shaft onto the helical plates to the load-bearing strata above and beneath each helical plate. The torque required to install the helical pile correlates to its capacity - the greater the resistance (torque), the denser the soil, and the higher the load-carrying capabilities.


Helical Advantages



BUILD ON Approach

At EBS, we have a passion for construction. We live for the challenges associated with today's construction environment. Sites with poor soils, redevelopment of sites, limited access, and adjacent structures. Our team includes structural and geotechnical engineers you can work alongside to design or re-design for the most effective solution for your project.

We blend proven technologies and techniques to push projects forward, sometimes in novel combinations.
Our experienced field staff work closely with our in-house engineering team to develop solutions to site challenges.
Our experience lets us quickly evaluate your project and outline solutions, options, suggestions and budget pricing.

BUILD ON our  Communication  |  Integrity  |  Growth  |  Teamwork  


Illustration of Helical Pile Tension and Compression resistance.

Helical piles resist compression and tension loads.

As EBS installs the helical pile, the soil is minimally disturbed above and below each helical plate. In this way, the Helical Pile functions in both tension and compression applications.  


EBS has installed, tested and certified individual helical piles for 1,250 kN ULS in compression and 500 kN ULS in tension.


EBS installs Chance Helical Piles, the oldest and largest manufacturer of helical piles.

Helical PileS

Minimal Disruptions

No Vibrations

No Spoils

Resist Compression, Tension & Lateral Loads

No engineered pads required


Illustration of helical pile corrosion resistance

In areas where corrosion is a concern, Chance Helical Piles resist it in 3 ways.

  1. Chance Piles are hot-dipped galvanized.

  2. They are oversized by 30% to allow sacrificial corrosion before they are compromised.

  3. They are typically surrounded by a grout column, further preventing the oxygen and water combination needed for corrosion.


If your project requires a non-standard termination, our in-house team and design-build capabilities mean we can work with you to design and implement a solution.

photo of New conctrction and existing structure bracket


Like all deep foundations, helical piles need to deal with obstructions found in the soil. Unlike other deep foundation options, EBS can remove helical piles the same way they went in. Reverse the direction and unscrew the pile to be reused.  

Our experience with square shaft helical piles allows us to install helical piles directly into cobbles, often with no issues. A thorough soil report can help us prepare our tools and techniques for a successful installation.

When the obstruction is too large, we can move the installation or batter it at a slight angle to avoid the obstruction. If the obstruction is significant or the relocation of the pile cannot meet the original designs, we can install two helical piles on either side of the obstruction and, working with the prime structural, design a specialty pile cap to bridge the obstruction.


illustration of Helical Pile Spacing

Helical piles must be spaced between 1-1.5 meters apart at the helix elevation to act independently. The piles can be battered if a tighter grouping is needed for the pile cap or grade beam. The piles can be virtually touching at the termination without impacting capacity.


EBS Helical pile lateral loading

Helical piles can resist moderate lateral loads. If the required moment is significant, the helical piles can be battered to resolve the lateral load into tension and compression loads.


Chance is North America's oldest and largest manufacturer of helical piles. Today, industry-leading CHANCE Helical Piles are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations and many other deep foundation applications. Engineered for dependability and long-term stability, CHANCE foundation solutions feature exclusive anchoring techniques, tools, designs and sizes that improve the efficiency and durability of foundation solutions.


Hubbell Power Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of CHANCE® brand helical piles and foundations, is a Corporate Member of the Deep Foundations Institute. 

Backed by an internal team of engineers who design and test products, and local distributors who provide engineering support, area soil profiles, product selection, and design assistance, CHANCE® helical piles offer complete foundation solutions with predictable results.​

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