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Geotechnical Appications

Geotechnical Grouting is an in-situ ground improvement method comprised of a variety of techniques used to improve the engineering properties of soil and rock by injecting cementitious or chemical mixtures under pressure via injection ports. 


Grouting improves the bearing capacity of soils and decreases the permeability of soils and rock formations by filling pores and cavities. 


Geotechnical grouting is a specialized construction process used to improve the ground's physical properties. There are several types of geotechnical grouting, each serving different purposes:

Compaction Grouting: Injecting a thick grout mixture into the soil at high pressures. The grout displaces and compacts the surrounding soil, improving its density and load-bearing capacity. It's commonly used to stabilize loose soils and fill voids.


Permeation Grouting: Injecting grout into porous ground to fill the spaces between soil particles. The grout solidifies, binding the particles together and increasing the ground's strength and stiffness. It's useful for controlling groundwater flow and improving soil stability.

Chemical Grouting: Injecting chemical solutions that react with the soil and solidify. This method is often used for sealing fine sands and other porous soils to prevent water infiltration. It's also used in tunnelling and sewer rehabilitation.


Geotech Advantages
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BUILD ON Approach

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At EBS, we have a passion for construction. We live for the challenges associated with today's construction environment. Sites with poor soils, redevelopment of sites, limited access, and adjacent structures. Our team includes structural and geotechnical engineers you can work alongside to design or re-design for the most effective solution for your project.

We blend proven technologies and techniques to push projects forward, sometimes in novel combinations.
Our experienced field staff work closely with our in-house engineering team to develop solutions to site challenges.
Our experience lets us quickly evaluate your project and outline solutions, options, suggestions and budget pricing.

BUILD ON our  Communication  |  Integrity  |  Growth  |  Teamwork  

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Stabilising settlement cause by voids

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