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Olivier Displacement Pile



City of Welland


Van Pelt Construction


Chung & Vander Doelen


R.J. Burnside & Associates


28 Olivier Displacement Piles


525 kN


Soft silty clay, Timeline, No Spoils

Welland Salt Dome

Welland, ON, Canada

No Spoils, Less Time, Less Concrete
The site for a new salt dome in Welland had Soft Silty Clay to 10 M below grade and uncertain beyond that. The build team found themselves searching for a solution that wouldn’t jeopordize the project timeline, or complicate the process with added spoils. Experience with EBS suggested that we would be able to point them in the direction of a solution.
After evaluating the site soil conditions and the parameters of the project EBS recommended an Olivier Displacement Pile solution. This system's unique combination of densifying soil by displacement combined with concrete and Rebar could deliver the required loads within the Soft Silty Clay layer without spoils.

The Olivier Displacement Pile is a friction pile that is designed to develop capacity in soils with n values of 10 - 30 blows. The soft silty clay at the salt dome site has N values of 10-15 blows.

EBS load tested the Olivier Displacement Piles to743 kN per pile.
The final design used an Olivier Displacement Pile under each of the 28 vertical members to a depth of 9m.

EBS completed the installation of the piles in 1 week and added no spoils to the project, reducing the impact
on the site, timeline and budget.

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