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accessibility, extreme slope, weather

Parliament Hill

Ottawa, ON, Canada

EBS Geostructural supported an intricate staircase situated on a slope between the East and Centre Block of Parliament Hill using micropiles. The proposed structure was to be built on a challenging and sharp slope of greater than 1:1, creating accessibility barriers.

A proud symbol of our capital city, Parliament Hill represents Canada's 150 years of tradition, adversity and growth. EBS Geostructural had the opportunity to install micropiles to support a staircase. This structure sits on a hill with a slope of 45 degrees, creating accessibility obstacles. EBS designed a creative solution to get equipment on the slope and hold it in place while micropiles were drilled vertically.

The greatest obstacle EBS was tasked with solving was how to get installation equipment on the slope and how to hold it in place. Also, due to the high pedestrian traffic the general contractor required that the project be completed during the winter months. Installing micropiles during the winter was beneficial however because the frozen slope would help hold the large amounts of loose rocks in place.

EBS technical staff built a specialty steel frame to help the drill rig portion of the machine install micropiles vertically into the slope. The machine was unique because every aspect of it was controlled individually and allowed for more portability. Through a load test EBS was able to verify that the micropiles were into the bedrock.
Verification Test – Sacrificial test to go to 800kN (180 kips). Achieved on only - 0.6’’ deflection. EBS achieved loads of 1779kN (400 kips)
Tested to verify grout bonding to bedrock

EBS was tasked with multifaced challenges for this substantial project including, determining how to best position installation equipment on the steep slope and establishing ways of holding the equipment in place.

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