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Helical Pile




Broccolini Construction Inc.




834 Chance Helical Piles, 161 pile caps


1000 kN in Compression 450 kN in Tension


Access, timeline, congested site.

Amazon Mezzanine Addition

Toronto, ON, Canada

When the late addition of a 750,000 square foot mezzanine to Amazon's new warehouse threatened to delay their completion date, EBS Geostructural Inc. was Broccolini Construction’s first call. The new mezzanine columns needed to be supported on deep foundations to resist compression, tension and lateral loads

With the construction of the shell already underway, vibration, spoils and headroom were factors that ruled out many other deep foundation options. To keep the project on schedule, EBS needed to complete design and construction within 10 weeks. Working with the prime structural engineer, EBS's in-house design team designed 161 pile caps with 834 Chance helical piles to support the columns.

EBS Geostructural' s design-build approach combined with a quick mobilization and small working footprint allowed the overall construction to continue while the helical piles were installed. All 834 Chance Helical Piles were installed in 8 weeks which put the contractor 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

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