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Client: Parrish and Heimbecker
GC: Camar Mill Systems
Structural:  Witzel Dyce
Geotechnical: Chung and Vander Doelen
Loadings: 1120kn Compression, 955 kN Tension per pile.
Number of Micropiles: 22
Timeline: Design-Build 28 days

Camar Mill Systems with Witzel Dyce led the project to replace three ship-loaders with one super-efficient and advanced loading system at the Parrish and Heimbecker facility in the Goderich Harbor.

This site had challenges above and below the ground. Chung and Vander Doelen identified a high water table, rubble and old structures in the soil. Based on this and the loadings, a micropile foundation was determined as the best option.  The EBS team was brought in to load test and then install  22 micropiles to support the tower loading requirements of 1120kN in compression 955kN in tension per pile.


This active elevator has high traffic from both trucks and ships. The site for the new foundation was in-between both. The challenge was not to interfere with either. With schedule interruptions to accommodate ship loading, drilling through rubble and obstructions and working in the small footprint, the EBS team finished installing the 22 Micropiles in just under four weeks.

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