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General Contractor: Gillam Group
Structural: Entuitive
Geotechnical: Golder
Loadings: from 75 kN to 490 kn
Piles: 105 Chance Helical Piles

On the edge of the water in Jackson's Point, the admin building and boathouse for the York Regional Police Marine Unit reduces response time. EBS Geostructural tackled the deep foundations for this award-winning project, challenging and highlighting our people, equipment and solutions.

Sometimes prime locations pose construction challenges. The site, former Bonnie Boats location in Jackson's Point, had some challenges for EBS. The foundation included a grade beam for the admin building and direct connection to structural steel for the boathouse. Pile depths ranged from 15 to 70 ft due to soil and fill conditions.

We chose Chance square shaft helical piles for the grade beam. These allowed us to penetrate the fill layer and deliver the required capacities. Chance round shaft helical piles were installed in the water for the boathouse. Installing helical piles from a barge to the lakebed 8 feet below while maintaining tolerances required coordination and skill.

EBS Geostructural was proud to be a part of this project and looks forward to the next challenge.

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