What's behind the letters G, E, O? banner

What's behind the letters G, E, O?

Our quarterly, industry publication, the GEO Newsletter is surely one of our favourite communication pieces. From a marketing perspective, it shines light on the industry which we are so passionate about and takes EBS as a company out of focus – and believe us, sometimes we a need a break from all that boasting.

View from the Hill banner

View from the Hill

A proud symbol of our capital city, Parliament Hill represents Canada's 150 years of tradition, adversity, and growth. 

Raising the Bar banner

Raising the Bar

In a gated community near the shores of Wasaga Beach, two homes required remedial foundation work. 

(VIDEO) Micropile Installation banner

(VIDEO) Micropile Installation

EBS has installed over 15,700 micropiles on over 120 projects. A micropile is a small diameter (305mm or less) friction pile that is bored or drilled and can be installed at an angle to accommodate axial and lateral loads. Micropiles may be cased or uncased depending on soil conditions and application. They can be installed in soil, rock, cobbles and boulders, through man-made obstructions or in areas with high water tables to depths in excess of 60 metres (200 ft.) To give you a better understanding of what the micropile installation process looks like, we’ve created this video.  


Join us at Construct Canada 2016 banner

Join us at Construct Canada 2016

EBS is proud to announce that we will be participating in the 28th Annual Construct Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Wednesday, November 30th to Friday, December 2nd, 2016.


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