“EBS Geostructural has proven themselves to us over the years - whether it’s their responsiveness, technical know-how, range of products and services, or just their high level of professionalism, they have come through on many occasions.  EBS is a well-established firm with industry recognition and presence.  I count on them to support my projects when challenging ground conditions arise.”

Garnet B., P.Eng.

Principal, Geotechnical, GHD

"I trust EBS to provide fully integrated specialty foundation solutions from the design stage, through execution, followed by design verification by load testing‎."

Scott P.


“The EBS Geostructural Group is our “go to first” resource when we encounter challenging geotechnical conditions in the Windsor-Essex-Chatham-Kent area of Southwestern Ontario. EBS has proven time and again their innovations backed with sound engineering can make the difference between a successful project and a non-start project.”

Tom O., P.Eng.

President, Soil & Materials Engineering Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with EBS Geostructural on a number of projects in the Hamilton and Niagara area for the past 20 years. They have provided my clients with cost-effective foundation alternatives for sites with challenging soil and groundwater conditions. Their technical assistance has been highly professional and responsive.”

Patrick C., P.Eng.

Associate, Terraprobe

“Our clients expect us to recommend a helical pile provider that truly inspires confidence when they come on site…it’s that simple.  The EBS guys are Geo-Structural Professionals – they get the job done right first time using well-maintained equipment and experienced staff, both on-site and back in their Engineering office.  Our Engineers appreciate EBS prompt follow up with pile capacity certification upon completion…this makes our life a whole lot easier.  Basically, it’s problem free when we use EBS Geostructural.”

Ken D. P.Eng.

President, K H Davis Engineering Consultants

“I like using EBS because I can get someone with expertise on the phone easily, and we can work through tricky technical issues together. We trust EBS because they deliver high-quality work and a high-quality product.”

Michael D. M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Associate, Geotechnical Engineering, Terraprobe

"We had a major local transportation project where a structure had to be constructed over poor soil conditions.  Because of past experience with EBS, I suggested them to the structural engineers.  EBS was able to provide a design and construction timeline that allowed the structure to be built, and kept the project schedule on track."

Jeff D. P.Eng.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Stantec

“In my experience, EBS consistently outperforms their competition. They provide sound engineering judgement, practical construction solutions, effective communication, and unbiased recommendations through customer support. I’m always happy to see EBS arrive on site.”

Mark B.  P.Eng.

Structural Engineer, Associate, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

"I have worked on numerous projects where EBS provided the design and installation of helical piers or micropiles.  EBS is very knowledgeable, professional and efficient.  They provided solutions to difficult situations and have always been fair when extra work was needed."

Turney L.

Peto MacCallum Ltd.

"When we are in need of helical pile or micropile foundation design and/or recommendations we trust EBS to deliver on all aspects. They are always quick to respond with clear recommendations and technical information. Their design drawings are clear, concise, and in general conformance to the structural drawings prepared by our office. At the end of the project, they have always satisfied our requirements and have ultimately delivered their work to the satisfaction of the owner."

Joseph G., P. Eng

Associate, Stephenson Engineering Ltd.

"We have been working with EBS Geostructural Inc. since 1993, carrying out inspections of the installation of their helical piers. We are very pleased with their service, their workmanship and the quality of the chance helical piers, which they provide. Their products provide a high level of assurance and reliability. This is also confirmed through load tests, which they carry out.  Communications and dealings with their staff have always been a pleasant experience as they are known to be thorough and demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of their products. We look forward to continuing to working with them and wish them every success."

Larry G., P.Eng.

Principal/Consulting Engineer, Patriot Engineering Ltd.

“EBS is a fantastic resource for reliable information during design and executes without fail on construction sites. They have provided design assistance and pile installation on more than a dozen of my projects—from a couple of piles to support a new column in an existing basement, to the complete foundation system of a large waterfront pavilion—and every one of them went smoothly, regardless of the challenges encountered on site.

EBS has the theoretical knowledge and experience, backed up by testing in the field, to instil complete confidence that the job will be done right—and then they follow through in construction, every time.”

Cory Z., PhD, P.Eng.

Principal, Blackwell

“The products and services that EBS provides are perfect solutions for the unique and challenging soil and bedrock conditions we face in Northern Ontario.  Their dedicated staff are very knowledgeable and can be relied upon to ensure successful, cost-effective, results. We have worked with EBS for many years and they continue to demonstrate these qualities on every project.”

Ian M., P.Eng.

Project Manager, Earth and Environmental, exp Services Inc.

“I have been collaborating with EBS Geostructural for over 15 years developing innovative and cost-efficient foundation systems. Throughout the years, as a leader in the helical piling industry, EBS continued to develop and improve foundation systems offerings based on the results of robust engineering and leading-edge research.”

Hesham E.

"Not only does EBS provide the highest quality of work, working with them is a breeze. All the way from the project manager’s doing the designs, to the crews on site putting steel in the ground. When it comes to micropiles or helical piles, they are my first and only call. Anytime I mention EBS, the usual response is “they did a great job on this tricky site I had…” That tells me that they are doing something right."

Alexander W., P.Eng.

Geotechnical Engineer, exp Services Inc.

“exp Services Inc. has worked on many projects with EBS Geostructural. EBS provides innovative foundation and shoring solutions for geotechnical challenging sites. The clients/owners we work for are satisfied with time and money saved on our projects.”

Christopher R., P. Eng.

Project Manager, exp Services Inc.

“In our experience, EBS has demonstrated a dedicated commitment to the positive development and use of innovative helical pier and micropile foundation solutions within Ontario.  EBS’s technical staff are invaluable in providing practical solutions for unique project requirements and challenging site conditions.  The technical resources provided in support of helical pier and micropile systems are extensive and invaluable to designers and engineers working with these systems.  We value the collaborative nature of EBS’s business and technical staff in developing foundation solutions to meet the needs of our clients."

William L., P.Eng.

Project Engineer, Geotechnical Services, Peto MacCallum Ltd.

“The design team at EBS Geostructural has always been able to provide me with cost-effective solutions for deep foundation alternatives.  Whether it is a 100 m2 slab-on-grade building or a heavily loaded rail bridge the team is able to review the subsurface stratigraphy and provide design recommendations on different suitable foundation alternatives in a timely manner.  If you have a difficult site (whether it be soil or structure type), I would highly recommend talking to EBS about non-traditional deep foundation solutions.”

Vanessa M., M.Eng., P.Eng.

Geotechnical Services, Regional Practice Lead, Consulting Engineer, Pinchin Ltd.

"On behalf of The State Group, with respect to the work EBS performed on the Civil Works contract for the AER project, I would like to commend you and your entire team for the outstanding performance which was demonstrated over the past eleven months. EBS' expertise, professionalism, safety compliance and innovative methods were integral to achieving great success associated with the installation of 266 micropiles."

Andy F.

Construction Manager, The State Group Inc.

EBS deliver their design-build foundation systems with a comprehensive approach that provides technical excellence and reliable service. EBS inspires confidence.

Ian M., P.Eng.

Principal, Blackwell

“In the plus 15 years that I have been in the structural engineering realm, EBS Geostructural has always been the go-to geostructural engineer and supplier for alternative deep foundations solutions.

EBS Geostructural is at the forefront of leadership and growth in the industry.  They provide in-house engineering seminars, on-site construction demonstrations and monthly newsletters advocating their profession and engineered solutions to historical engineering project problems.

With the increasing amount of complex architecture, and thus structural designs, having EBS as part of the project team is having another sharp tool in the toolbox.  They can render complicated and expensive foundations, simplistically and cost-effectively.”

Craig N., P.Eng.

Associate, Engineering Link Inc.

"Having been involved in geotechnical investigations for communication towers for almost 30 years, helical piers are sometimes the only solution that would work on certain sites, whether due to subsurface conditions or space constraints. EBS is a company that can do it all: design, install and guarantee their work. And always with professionalism."

Mark G., P.Eng.

Vice President, Lawrence Flemming & Associates Limited

“I have been dealing with EBS for over 20 years; the Chance Helical Piles have provided cost-effective foundation solutions to many rehabilitations and construction projects.  The best part is that I can completely trust their team in successfully delivering satisfactory results to my clients.”

Robert N., MBA, PhD, P.Eng.

Head Special Projects, Geotechnical Services, Peto MacCallum Ltd.