Willis Way

Waterloo, Ontario

A new commercial development was planned in the core of uptown Waterloo adjacent to existing structures and ongoing construction for a new Light Rail Transit system. The original project design required caissons to support the structure however limited access and a high water table presented challenges for installation.

Why EBS and CHANCE® Helical Piles Were Chosen Instead Of Caissons:

  • Cost savings of 20%
  • Same-day redesign by in-house engineering team to deal with obstructions
  • No spoils or vibrations
  • High water table did not affect the installation or capacity of the helical piles
  • Smaller equipment utilized for limited access installation as compared to caisson rigs

Compression Load: 1081kN (243 Kips)
Tension Load: 440kN (99 Kips)
Depth: 4 to 14 Metres
Total Number of Piles: 314 CHANCE® Helical Piles