TTC Queensway Track Rehabilitation

Toronto, ON

In 2017, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) rebuilt a 3 km length of track and overhead contact systems (OCS) from the Humber Loop to Parkside Drive in Toronto. For a majority of the project, caissons were a feasible design. The soil conditions changed to a deep, soft sand material with a high water table between Windemere Avenue and Parkside Drive, which made drilling caissons problematic. As an alternative, EBS Geostructural proposed the design and installation of CHANCE® Helical Piles to support the OCS poles. After design review, EBS was awarded the contract to design and install helical piles to support (15) OCS poles. Four (4) helical piles per pole base were designed to resist the compression, tension, overturning, and lateral loads to support the OCS.

Compression Load: 445 kN (100 kips)
Tension Load: 290 kN (65 kips)
Depth: 6 to 28 metres
Total Number of Piles: 60 CHANCE® Helical Piles