Load Test Database

EBS Geostructural Inc. ('EBS') has compiled this load test database (the 'Database') for use by professional engineers to give an indication of the capacity of a pile that has been achieved using helical piers in previously tested locations.

The database provided by EBS is for personal, non-commercial use only and is provided only for informational purposes. The database is not to be relied upon for any purpose whatsoever, including planning or construction purposes. The locations of previous tests shown, mapped or otherwise depicted in the Database are approximations and cannot be relied on in making any determinations regarding the nature or qualities of a given site or the surrounding areas, or the performance of piles or helical piers at such locations. Each site and soil composition is unique and subject to numerous variables that materially affect the performance of piles and helical piers. The information in the Database is site specific and cannot be relied on for information regarding any other site, pile or helical pier. Prior to construction a new load test must be performed in the subject location to determine the exact capacity of the pile using helical piers.

EBS puts considerable effort into maintaining its website and controlling the quality of the Database so as to provide a reliable source of test load information. However, EBS, its agents, employees and representatives provide no warranty and make no claims as to the reliability, accuracy or integrity of the Database's content or functioning.