Environmental Remediation Foundation Support

Construction today must factor in an awareness of ecological balance and concern for environmentally sensitive habitats, such as wetlands. Thanks to non-intrusive installation, our deep foundation solutions, including micropiles and helical piers, offer an ideal combination of structural support and environmental sensitivity.

Foundation Support For Environmental Remediation

The structure can be supported by helical piers or micropiles while the soil is extracted from underneath the footings of the existing structure and sent off-site to be remediated.  This method of soil remediation is reasonably quick and more economical than other remediation methods.


Helical piers are ideal for constructing boardwalks through sensitive areas like wetlands, beaches, prairies or historical sites. They can be installed using portable equipment resulting in minimal environmental impact with no additional excavation required.


Structures ranging from pedestrian to highway bridges can be safely built or retrofitted using helical piles and micropiles. These technologies offer a solid, deep foundation that reduces the environmental impact of bridge construction.