New Construction

EBS can support a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential structures. We provide the expertise and support to assist geotechnical and structural engineers in designing and constructing deep foundations and specialty shoring systems. We utilize helical piers and micropiles to resist compression, tension and lateral loads.

Helical piles and micropiles can be utilized for new foundations from light to heavily loaded structures in densely populated residential areas, congested business areas and easily accessible construction sites.

Advantages Of Helical Piles

  • No excavation, vibrations or spoils
  • Quick installation and can be loaded immediately upon completion
  • Approved for use by building code agencies
  • Easy to use in limited access areas, areas with high water tables, and weak surface soils
  • Can be modified in the field

Advantages Of Micropiles

  • High load capacities for compression, tension and lateral loads
  • Can be installed in limited access spaces utilizing compact drilling equipment
  • Drill through different types of soil, bedrock and obstructions
  • Minimal vibration and spoils


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